[CT Birds] Shell Beach shorebirds

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 13 21:49:22 EDT 2014

>From Greg Hanisek, Bill Banks
8/13 Guilford, Shell Beach - 1 STILT SANDPIPER, 150 Lesser Yellowlegs,  3 Greater Yellowlegs, 15 Semipalmated Sandpipers.

We arrived at 7:30 and did not find the phalaropes, but the shorebird dynamic was very interesting. Both the results of a storm-induced fallout and the results of a weather-change departure were seemingly right before our eyes. Overall we had more Lesser Yellowlegs and fewer Semipalmated Sandpipers than those who arrived earlier and saw the phalaropes. The yellowlegs were concentrated in the southwest part of the marsh, near the entrance to the private Leetes I. neighborhood. We counted c. 90 from the vicinity of the red barn but could see there were more in the corner. We walked down, got closer looks and at about 7:50 a big exodus of Lesser Yellowlegs occurred. We counted c 115 flying out of the marsh and heading S over the Sound. After that we could find 30+ still in the marsh. It seems that the phalaropes and a lot Semi Sand left before we arrived, but of course the phalaropes could also have been out of sight and sneaked out with the departing
 Lessers. A check in the morning would certainly clarify things

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