[CT Birds] Sedge Wrens - delayed report

charles barnard jr chbarnjr at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 09:54:52 EDT 2014

A male Sedge Wren was heard singing on Friday, June 20, from within a damp
hayfield within the boundaries of the City of Shelton. I called 2 other
experienced birders and they joined me in confirming the ID. Good photos
were taken by one of those individuals. We agreed that this discovery
should be kept from general knowledge in the event that a nesting was or
would be taking place.

As it turned out, a nesting was taking place. Proof of that was in the form
of an observed removal of a fecal sac on June 29th and also 2 adult Sedge
Wrens were seen food carrying on July 2nd. Wrens continued until July 11,
which was the last date one was seen. This information was submitted to the
CT.DEEP's Natural Diversity Data Base and also to the Conservation
Department of the City of Shelton. We had the cooperation of a local farmer
who agreed to leave a portion of the hayfield uncut until at least August
1. Thanks also to the COA for the role which it played in this event.

 It is not known  if any of the young wrens which were being fed made it to
a successful fledging.

We wish to keep the precise location from being known in the unlikely (but
possible) event that the wrens return next year.
Charlie Barnard Jr

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