[CT Birds] Sedge Wrens - delayed report

charles barnard jr chbarnjr at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 14:01:52 EDT 2014

I should have mentioned that Frank Mantlik and Tom Murray were the two
experienced birders whom I contacted to assist me in confirming the ID of
the wrens. When they arrived, I listened to the song of Sedge Wren on their
smartphones (I don't have a smartphone) and that cinched it for me. Then we
all went back to the hayfield and saw the wren.

Also, there was little to no sedge in the damp hayfield. A few plants which
were either sedge or a kind of rush were growing in the field (I did not
closely check them out), but they were very minimal in number. The
predominant grass was actually Reed Canary Grass (Phalaris arundinacea). I
used Lauren Brown's book - "Grasses, An Identification Guide," to make that
ID. It frequently occurs in damp meadows and grows quite high. It was about
6' high in some places. There were also other grasses which are typical
hayfield species, such as Timothy,  which were growing in the mix. Those
grasses grew where the ground surface was not so damp.

Charlie Barnard Jr

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