[CT Birds] White Ibis

Hank Golet htg1523 at att.net
Sat Aug 16 14:12:34 EDT 2014

>From Hank Golet
8/16, Old Lyme, Otter Rock Rd, Message from Sue Joffray that WHITE IBIS along with 9 Glossy were in the marsh in front of her house(Last house on  Otter Rock Rd road) at 12:38 pm today.

 It was ten years ago today I saw and got pictures of 18 Hudsonian Godwits at Watch Rock mudflat so I went down to see if I could get a repeat.  Not only were there no Hudgods there, the flats were empty of the 300 peeps from the last few weeks, Just a few gulls and egrets.

I did see an adult YELLOW CROWNED NIGHT HERON, which is not that common in Old Lyme, in one of the side creeks.

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