[CT Birds] Scotland, Waldo Tract - Common Nighthawks

Timothy L Thompson twodogs77 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 17 20:11:26 EDT 2014

Waldo Tract - Scotland ( Waldo Road off Rte 97) 100 plus Common Nighthawks. Adults out numbered by what I perceive to be nest year birds based on size and plumage. Spectacular sight as you could observe them hawking insects as far as the eye (with help from my bins) could see east and west along the Shetucket River and over the corn fields between railroad tracks and river proper. Interspersed we're about 900 plus tree swallows. The swallows would glide, stall, hover and do whatever it took to nab the abundant insects. There was a line of threatening clouds that provided a rich dark contrasting back drop as the golden setting sun lit the Common Nighthawks and Tree Swallows up providing fantastic viewing!  I caught a real treat this evening.

Timothy L. Thompson
Norwich, Ct.
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