[CT Birds] Off topic: Artist Creates Digital Life-Forms that Respond to Archival Birdsongs

James Winkelmann james.winkelmann at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 16:57:37 EDT 2014

At the intersection of art and nature, with bird songs:

"Australian artist Andy Thomas <http://andythomas.com.au/> creates what he
describes as “audio life forms,” specifically 3D animations that respond to
audio input. For these latest pieces he used archival bird recordings from
the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
<http://www.beeldengeluid.nl/> (in addition to one of his own recordings)
to create these new digital sound sculptures that animate in different ways
in reaction to the songs of each bird. Thomas uses more software tools than
we could reasonably share here, but you can learn a bit more over on his
website <http://www.andythomas.com.au/>."


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