[CT Birds] Bird ID help

Coolsweetjoy at aol.com Coolsweetjoy at aol.com
Tue Aug 19 21:15:24 EDT 2014


First I'd like to thank Kathy and Frank for their input  on helping me with 
the bird in question for ID help.  
Kathy I have seen a Sora before and altho Soras are in  the area I was 
birding, I've seen and heard a couple of them there, I really  don't believe the 
bird is a Sora.
Frank, glad to meet a fellow Michigander.  I can  believe the bird is 
possibly a juvie Moorhen or Common Gallinule as they now are  called.  I have 
seen adult Moorhens which are easy to ID.  I'm not  sure where in Michigan you 
were located Frank but I saw this bird at Lake Saint  Clair Metropark 
(formally Metrobeach).  The only problem I have with your  ID of the bird is the 
bill.  I know the juvies don't have the red on the  upper part but to me the 
bill looks different in shape and length.
Thank you for your expertise,
Joy Barron

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