[CT Birds] Nighthawks, Eagleville (Mansfield), 8-20-14

Grace, Sean sgrace at audubon.org
Wed Aug 20 21:33:46 EDT 2014

We went to the Housatonic Valley Regional High School to release 6 Chimney Swifts tonight.  When we arrived at 7:00 there was a flock of over 300 night Hawks passing over head down the  Housatonic River.  Then another 200, then another 100 then 75.  It was epic and Zach Adams our educator and I both counted similar conservative numbers.   
675 total. 

It was so exciting to see.  Then we released 6 Chimney Swifts that circled with a gathering flock above the huge chimney for an hour before diving inside to roost for the night.  It was a super sighting with many dedicated wildlife volunteers enjoying the spectacle.   

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> On Aug 20, 2014, at 8:40 PM, "Don Morgan via CTBirds" <ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org> wrote:
> There was a tremendous flight of Common Nighthawks this evening  over the 
> Willimantic River, just north of the Eagleville Lake dam. The birds  stayed 
> farther north than usual, so most of my sightings were bins and scope  only, 
> but I counted one flock of 390 (very low, I'm sure). I saw flocks of birds  
> at least 10 times or so, but I have no way of knowing if they were the same  
> birds or different flocks moving through. I counted well over 300 twice 
> more,  but also had many smaller groups, from about 170 down to as few as 8. If 
> they  were all different birds (unlikely) there would have been well over 
> 1000. 
> I saw the first birds at 6:45 (but I had just gotten there) and  the last 
> ones at 7:45 (I left then - almost dark). Normally the birds follow the  
> river down to and past Eagleville, but tonight only a few ever made it that far  
> south. Must have been a good hatch up north. In previous years I have seen 
> as  many as 250 in a single flock there. 
> Couple of pics at the link below. Note that the bird appears to  have a 
> large hole or indent in its right side. 
> http://1drv.ms/1AzncGD
> Don Morgan,  Coventry
> mntncougar at aol.com
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