[CT Birds] Wilson's Phalarope Directions

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Sat Aug 23 16:19:50 EDT 2014

I had a request to post directions to where the Wilson's Phalarope is being seen today.  I believe this is pretty much where it was seen yesterday too.

The marsh is in Guilford, south of Leete's Island Rd (Rt 146), and north/east of Shell Beach Rd.  Directions are from the intersection of those two.  Use whatever maps or programs you are comfortable with to get to that area.

The bird has been seen from Leete's Island Rd (Rt 146).  From the intersection with Shell Beach Rd travel east and you will shortly see the marsh to your right (south) behind a wire guard rail.  Just before that there is room on the left (north) side of the rd for 2 or 3 cars to park.  Some people were also parking farther along, just past the marsh, also on the left (north) side but I did not get a feel for how good that spot is.  In any case parking is either before or after the marsh.

Today, from talking with other birders and from what I saw, the bird has been anywhere along the edge of the marsh parallel to Rt 146.  It was quite close in when I saw it, in among the spiky remains of weeds with the tide out.  It was described as pretty close earlier when others had it.

The bird NEVER STOPS MOVING!  Yellow legs, very thin rather long bill, slender build, a touch of color along the side of the neck, and moving, moving, moving, but never in a straight line.  Cocks its head a bit sideways as it feeds.  Overall pale plumage but feathers on the back darker and fringed with a sort of beige edge; from looking at the book those darker back feathers point to a juvenile bird.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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