[CT Birds] Groton Office Building (Inside)- Common Yellowthroat

Timothy L Thompson tthompso at gdeb.com
Fri Aug 29 10:25:48 EDT 2014

08/29/2014 - 8:02 am - Electric Boat Shipyard - Groton -  Female Common 
Yellowthroat.  While sitting at my desk facing my workstation in an old 
industrial shipyard building, I heard a sudden feather flutter to my left 
and rear, about a foot away on my desk surface.  When I turned there was 
nothing!  I knew I heard bird feathers and that it had departed somewhere 
to my backside.  I stood up bewildered and looked across our office and 
saw NOTHING!  A coworker standing 30 feet away (now behind me) was looking 
at me  and said: "Did you see that?"  I said "no, but I heard bird 
feathers flapping" .  "A little bird just flew out of your cube", he said. 
 Suddenly it just popped up across the office and was standing on a cube 
wall.  I knew right away it wasn't a sparrow and I could tell it was some 
sort of warbler.   It was backlit by the sun screaming through our factory 
windows and the game was on!  I had to identify it and find a way to 
release it.  I devised a plan to open at least one window on all four 
sides of our second floor office.  I figured I could gently coax it into 
one of the openings and the migration would soon continue, and, if I could 
get close enough, I could perhaps identify it.  I opened the first window 
and spotted the bird in the middle of our office still on the cube wall. I 
pished and it flew right near me like I knew what was going on.  It then 
promptly took off across the office.  I continued opening up the three 
targeted windows.  I lost the bird for a moment and turned around ..."Good 
morning Tim, what's going on?" said my MANAGER Matt .  "Well"  I said, "We 
have what I believe to be a migrating warbler and it's trapped inside our 
office.  I am trying to guide it to one of the open windows".   He smiled 
and offered his help and together we managed to guide the warbler into a 
corner.  What happened next was amazing.  The warbler flew up and began 
fluttering against the corner window pane.  There was a steel beam behind 
it that somewhat covered my approach. I stood on a chair and cautiously 
slid my hand along the pane as the warbler continued fluttering.  I slowly 
moved closer and it then flew right into my hand!  I gently surrounded it 
and held still.  I paused for a moment, stepped down off the chair and 
walked over to the office entrance.  Just then, guess who walks in the 
door? Yup!  MY SUPERVISOR!  I asked him to hold the door for me as I 
showed him the beautiful female Common Yellowthroat.  He laughed and 
opened up the door as I released her.  It's incredible how tiny, delicate 
and colorful they look in your hand.  Ahhhhh!.....what a terrific start to 
a Friday morning!!!

Timothy L. Thompson
Norwich, CT


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