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John Ogren northernrail at comcast.net
Sun Aug 31 12:56:25 EDT 2014

There seems to be no shortage of "bunker" in Old Saybrook.  I haven't had any luck snagging them but the 5-6 adult Osprey who spent the summer in and around the Plum Bank Marsh haven't had any problems catching them. Every time I have gone out in my boat I usually see one or 2  fly by with a fish.

John Ogren

> >> On Aug 30, 2014, at 9:28 PM, Larry Flynn via CTBirds 
> wrote:
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> >> Hi Don,
> >> 
> >> Nice post.
> >> First, from my many years of fishing, bunker are notorious 
> for being non-existent in one harbor to being very abundant in 
> the next harbor over.
> >> An example of that is that at any giving time there may be 
> few bunker in Norwalk Harbor yet Stamford and Bridgeport Harbors 
> are loaded with these fish.
> >> Plus certainly there are cyclical years and cycles for the 
> menhaden and other fish specie population in LIS.
> >> 
> >> This year at the present time the number of bunker around 
> Norwalk Harbor are possibly the largest seen in decades. 
> >> "Every Osprey has a fish..."
> >> 
> >> In other years it may be New Haven, Milford, Branford or 
> other harbors that hold bunker..at any giving time
> >> Back in the early 90's I went to Branford from Norwalk by 
> boat because that was the closest place to find bunker for the 
> WICC Bluefish contest, there were no bunker from Greenwich to 
> New Haven, Branford was the spot. We fished outside that harbor 
> and had over 100 bluefish, of course non of them make the weight !@#$
> >> 
> >> You said that last year "it was widely known that there 
> >> were few if any baitfish in the sound"
> >> I recall that thread was mostly about very small baitfish 
> that terns would feed on, not bunker, I think it was a tern 
> issue at that time.
> >> I also believe the the North Shore of LI had ton's of tern 
> food fish at the same time.
> >> 
> >> What I am trying to show is that fish species move from here 
> to there in a heartbeat, is there is a total lack any certain 
> forage fish in LIS, I don't know? 
> >> 
> >> It's cool to check out the DEEP trawl data, they have all 
> that stuff nailed down.
> >> 
> >> As far as Osprey migration, Bob Bierregaard's Website,
> >> www.ospreytrax.com is awesome.
> >> He has many osprey fitted with satellite and cell tower 
> transmitters from the New England area, a few are very close to us.
> >> Click on Osprey Pages, then interactive maps, then 2014.
> >> He has been working with ospreys since the early 70's and I 
> would like to add one of his recent quotes...
> >> "It seems the start of fall migration is not as similar from 
> one year to the next for an individual bird as is the start of 
> spring migration. Birds in the fall are in no real hurry to get 
> south, so they are more likely to wait for just the right 
> weather--a nice strong wind out of the north--in the fall than 
> in the spring. In the spring, they're in a rush to get home to 
> make sure no usurper tries to take over their territory, and I 
> don't think they get big weather systems moving in with strong 
> winds out of the south to urge them on. So I think the 
> northbound trip starts with some combination of hormone levels 
> rising and an internal clock telling them it time to get back to 
> the breeding grounds."
> >> 
> >> What is this "normal" that you talk about? I'd bet that 
> "normal data" doesn't go back very many decades, but rather is 
> forever evolving and will continue to change as time moves on.
> >> Hopefully for the better!
> >> 
> >> Sincerely,
> >> Larry Flynn
> >> Norwalk CT.

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