[CT Birds] How long to keep hummingbird feeders up

Katherine Kuckens katkuckens at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 18:37:30 EDT 2014

Last year (or the year before?) I had a female arrive in September. She
visited my nectar feeders at dusk every day.  Only hummer I saw.  In
October I was getting concerned about her, and in November I started
talking to her about leaving.  Then there was a cold snap and I was really
worried.  But I saw her one more time and then she was gone.

Later I read here that sometimes  juveniles, making the trip south for the
first time, might get lost or tired, and having nectar feeders out could
save their lives.  I believe she was tiny and frail when she arrived, but
as the days went on, she was bolder, tamer, and perhaps fatter.  Hopefully
I provided her with rest and recovery and time to gain strength for the
next leg (or wing) of the journey.

So keep your hummingbird feeders up til they freeze -- cleaned and freshly
refilled often -- you might be the rest stop they need!

Kat Kuckens
West Hartford

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