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A quick overview if Hummingbirds in CT:  Black-chinned Hummingbird is on the CT list, as well as MA's; there is one record. Rufous is annual in small numbers; there are at least 4 (Oct-Jan) records for calliope, and one August record for Broad-billed, which also showed up on Cape Cod and stayed into Dec.  There are several other potential vagrants: MA has at least three records for Allen's (all at feeders); Green Violetear has made it as close as northern NJ; and Broad-tailed has made it to northern Delaware and southern NJ.

There seem to be two periods of of occurrence developing for at least a few species, one in July/August , and another from October extending into winter or even into early spring, which begins after most of the Ruby-throated have passed through. It's possible that birds could arrive in summer and linger into fall, but it seems, for now at least, that there are two peaks.

Any hummingbird coming to a feeder in October onward is worth a second look! (Note- rarely, Ruby-throated have shown up at feeders into November.)

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