[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point Park Sunday September 7

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 7 20:28:26 EDT 2014

The cold front passed late.  Upon arrival at 715 am the air was dead still, but soon increased to 10 mph from the NW.  Then 2 female and 1 male juvenile Merlin showed up.  They tore the hell out of the Park for the next 40 minutes, knocking Osprey off the Flicker tree (the bare branches near the Park entrance), chasing Flickers, Starlings and Monarch Butterflies, clearing 40 burly Herring Gulls from the lawns, clearing the Park of most birds, but mostly terrorizing one another.  At least one Eastern Kingbird decided to high tail it towards Union, CT and postpone its peaceful, lazy fruit-eating days in Villa de Merlo.   

The 69 hawks (including 8 Bald eagles, 4 Peregrines and 17 Coops!) only represented those that truly showed in the East and cleared towards the west.  Eagles, Peregrines and Merlins, were especially problematic; other locals (TVs, Red-tailed, Red-shouldered) stayed to the East and were more readily NOT counted.  Winds in the afternoon shifted onshore.  

Non raptors (mostly in the am) included: DC Corm 31, Com Loon 1, Can Goose 2, GB Heron 1, PILEATED WOODPECKER 1 (rare at Lighthouse), 
Eastern Kingbird 7 (1 with PTSD), Tree Swallow 85, Barn Swallow 13, RT Hummingbird 28, 
Bobolink 405, Cedar  Waxwing 210, Am Goldfinch 16, Palm Warbler 3+, Am 
Redstart 2, Warbler sp 3, BG Gnatcatcher 3+, Com Grackle 2, Purple Finch 1.

Many thousands of Dragonflies (migrating west, especially mid-day) and 1 Giant Swallowtail. 

Steve Mayo

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