[CT Birds] Menhadden ("Bunker") and Bluefish Run in the Quinnipiac River

Michael F Horn mfhorn at whitmancontrols.com
Mon Sep 8 10:40:21 EDT 2014

Hi Folks. Bluefish, being the crafty predators that they and tolerant of
brackish water, chase the bunker up the various rivers and streams in the
area including the Quinnipiac and Mill Rivers. This is a hunting strategy
where they pick off the dead and dying bunker. This great concentration has
not gone unnoticed by the fish-eating birds in the area. This includes
assorted egrets, herons, DCCs, ospreys and of course eagles. The eagles
coming back to the State St Hamden WB Mason roost have either bunker or
bluefish as their dinner guests. In the evening, we get lots of eagles -
current record = 10 at any one time but usually 4 or 5. I suspect that this
behavior has been going on for geologic time and will continue for many many
years to come. Regards to all, Mike Horn - Hamden, CT

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