[CT Birds] Moodus

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Mon Sep 8 22:07:06 EDT 2014

Passing this along.

 From Andrew Landsman, 
Moodus CT - 9/6/14 approximately 12.30 pm. Light Phase rough legged hawk over Moodus backyard.  A beautiful sight to behold !

(I was told that the date was very early for this species, and I asked Andrew for more specifics.  He replied.)

Hi Roy.  Saw large buteo -  
looked different - long wings.  Single bird. Soaring over tree tops, no 
flapping observed. Pretty flat dihedral.  Light patches on head, under 
body  and towards tail - light banding towards end of tail. Dark patches towards end of wings on either side.  I live not far from the 
Connecticut river and a 1/4 from Moodus lake.  If you want to disallow 
bird, due to lack of photo or time frame - that's fine by me. I'm 
confident that's what is was.  Just thought I'd report it...Maybe 
another one will show up somewhere !

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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