[CT Birds] Hawkwatching starting to heat up at Quaker Ridge

Ryan Maclean ryanmac335 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 20:50:56 EDT 2014

While today's heavy cloud cover and Easterly winds put a damper on hawk
migration, Sunday and Monday were a sign of things to come here at Audubon
Greenwich. Sunday was our first triple-digit day of the year with 127
raptors tallied (including 80 Broad-Wings). The undisputed star of the show
however was a Peregrine Falcon that took another bird out of the sky at
100+ mph infront of many hawkwatchers that are still picking their jaws up
off the ground. Osprey numbers continue to be promising (131 for the season
already) and Merlin's are starting to increase in numbers (3 on Sunday, 4
Monday, 2 today). As of now our total stands at 415 birds, but by next week
we hope to be in the thousands.

By early next week we hope to have our first major push of Broad-Winged
Hawks. Our best weather conditions for Broad-Wing flights are partly cloudy
days with light NW winds (winds that are too strong will push them down to
the coast) so keep an eye on the forecast for the next two weeks. As of now
the extended weather forecast shows possible rain and t-storms Thursday and
Friday, but over the weekend the temperature will drop significantly with
winds shifting back to the North. Sunday or Monday could be our first good
days if alot of birds have already made their way down from the north. But
chances are if you come to the watch next week and conditions are optimal,
you'll be in for one amazing show. It's coming!!!

-Ryan MacLean

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