[CT Birds] Brown thrasher 9/7

Katherine Kuckens katkuckens at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 12:16:24 EDT 2014

Near the boat ramp at the end of Vibert road in South Windsor, along the
Connecticut river.  Along smaller path between the two dirt trails, next to
corn field.  Two or three brown thrashers  secretively making their way
along  very dense, tangled, overgrown stuff strangling large old trees,
about 20 feet up.  Very noisy, busy sound, thought they were catbirds or
mockingbirds until I saw them. Definitely saw the wing bars, thick curved
beak, heavy dark streaking on buffy breast, and overall elongated, large
size. And long legs! Their backs seemed like a very dark brown, not rufous,
but it was dark in there!   First for me.

Kat Kuckens
West Hartford

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