[CT Birds] Woodbury Broad-wings

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 19:52:39 EDT 2014

Hi all,

I spent from about 1:15pm to 3:00pm at Good Hill in Woodbury, CT. Russ
Naylor was there by himself counting hawks, and he already had over 700
Broad-wings before I arrived. When I left at 3, the count was up over 1,200
and birds were still coming. A few kettles held over 100 birds. Very cool
to see. Russ is not online so his totals won't be visible until they reach
HawkCount sometime next week.

As an aside, I posted a series of photos from the great run of shorebirding
that Sandy Point had over a week ago now:

And a few photos from yesterday of the Cape May WHISKERED TERN before the
rain began:

Nick Bonomo
Wallingford, CT

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