[CT Birds] Crow harassment and devoured red-shouldered hawk

judy moore judymoore at optonline.net
Wed Sep 17 17:30:51 EDT 2014

Hi Harold:

Last week, two mornings after hearing a Great Horned owl calling, I 
found some owl feathers next to one leg of a rabbit, whose entrails and 
kidney were lying beside it.  I'm not sure why the owl didn't take the 
whole rabbit.

Judy Moore

On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 03:33 PM, Harold Moritz via CTBirds wrote:

> Just looking for some thoughts regarding an incident my friend in 
> Windham
> center reported to me last week.
> In a large pine a bunch of crows were loudly harassing something 
> unseen.
> Nearby a red-shouldered hawk was also vocalizing. Eventually they
> dispersed, but the object of displeasure was never seen. The next 
> morning
> he found the wings of a red-shouldered hawk in the lawn, the rest had 
> been
> eaten. He also found the entrails of a rabbit.  So he wondered if the
> action and the remains were connected. I said that I read that crows 
> and
> great-horned owls do not get along, to put it mildly, but did not know 
> if a
> nocturnal GHO would devour a diurnal red-shouldered hawk (certainly 
> the
> rabbit though). He has heard barred owls there (not that day), but 
> never
> great-horned. Perhaps one of the latter was migrating though and 
> roosting
> in the pine.  In any case, any insight appreciated.
> Thanks
> Harold Moritz
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