[CT Birds] Crow harassment and devoured red-shouldered hawk

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That certainly does sound like a mystery. I wonder if perhaps  the RS 
caught and ate the rabbit and then was attacked by another predator,  quite 
possibly an owl, and eaten. If so, However I'd think the feathers from the  RS 
would have been scattered along with the wings and rabbit  entrails.
On the subject of the owls, however: Neither Barred Owls nor  Great Horned 
Owls migrate. And both establish territories and will not let the  other 
invade it without a fight. But a Barred  Owl that stands its ground  will 
almost certainly be killed by a GHOW . So, if a Barred Owl is in the area,  it is 
unlikely that a GHOW would be. I would think that if it surprised the RS  
on the ground, a Barred Owl could easily kill it as well, however. 
"Just looking for some thoughts regarding an incident my friend in  Windham
center reported to me last week.
In a large pine a bunch of crows  were loudly harassing something unseen.
Nearby a red-shouldered hawk was also  vocalizing. Eventually they
dispersed, but the object of displeasure was  never seen. The next morning
he found the wings of a red-shouldered hawk in  the lawn, the rest had been
eaten. He also found the entrails of a  rabbit.  So he wondered if the
action and the remains were connected. I  said that I read that crows and
great-horned owls do not get along, to put it  mildly, but did not know if a
nocturnal GHO would devour a diurnal  red-shouldered hawk (certainly the
rabbit though). He has heard barred owls  there (not that day), but never
great-horned. Perhaps one of the latter was  migrating though and roosting
in the pine.  In any case, any insight  appreciated.
Harold Moritz"

Don Morgan, Coventry, Ct  
mntncougar at aol.com

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