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Passing these area sightings along as requested. This gentleman  first 
found the original Acadian Flycatcher in Boston Hollow three years  ago.

Don Morgan, Coventry, Ct 
mntncougar at aol.com  

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Hi Don,  
I know you often bird Yale Forest so i  thought i would pass on to you 2 
recent sightings in the area.  In  Bigelow  Hollow State Park i found 5-7 Pine 
Siskins both seen and heard  this afternoon.  In Pomfret on Friday there 
was 1 Rusty Blackbird heard  within a flock of Grackles in a wooded swamp.  I 
tried to post these  sightings but i have had difficulty with this. I am the 
birder with the  motorcycle who travels through Boston Hollow.
                        Gary  Valade

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