[CT Birds] Change to ABA rules - It looks like TX Aplomado Falcons and released California Condors are countable

John Oshlick john.oshlic at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 03:30:02 EDT 2014

The ABA Recording Standards and Ethics Committee is releasing a new set of

" vi) an individual of a reintroduced indigenous species may be counted if
it is part of a population that has successfully hatched young in the wild
or when it is not possible to reasonably separate the reintroduced
individual from a wild-born individual;"

It looks like you can now count TX Aplomado Falcons and released California
Condors. As someone who was seen both this is pretty cool. I wonder if this
will lead to a different treatment of Trumpeter Swans in CT.

There is also some other changes in the rule. Ship assisted birds are OK
(Hooded Crow?). You can keep exotics on your list after they are extirpated
as long as there were countable when you saw them (Good for me as I just go
Budgie this year). It also looks like you can't "Bank" exotics prior to
acceptance. It looks like the ABA is planning a more formal announcement
but the new rules are on the website.

John Oshlick

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