[CT Birds] West Nile Virus

Robert Jase busterggi at aol.com
Mon Sep 29 10:53:34 EDT 2014


Its not the handling of the birds, its the mosquitoes.  I've also had WNV and it was like the flu upped a couple orders of magnitude - worst headache I've ever had (and I've had cyanide poisoning) for several days, crazy muscle pain & exhaustion (had to crawl to get from bed to the bathroom & back & no actual sitting on the toilet, just kind of laying over), fever up the wazoo, etc.

At the time part of my job was collecting dead crows for the DPH lab to test (along w/ predatory birds including a Long-Earred Owl found in Stanley Quarter park) and I had to go into some seriously swampy areas where I got bitten up big time.

Why did the DPH only want to test crows & raptors?  Because they were large and easy to work with and lived practically everywhere in the state - there was no question that other birds were being infected but sparrows are tiny as are most sonbirds compared to crows and many other birds were too seasonal.

The crow population around New Britain never has recovered, I expect changes in other bird populations were similarly affected but aren't as noticable except to birders

Robert Jase
busterggi at aol.com

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