[CT Birds] Quaker Ridge Hawk Watch 10/1: Only 26 birds but some excitement

Ryan Maclean ryanmac335 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 21:40:42 EDT 2014

What would've otherwise been a rainy day at the hawkwatch was made exciting
with the help of Ozzy the plastic owl decoy. It all began when for the
second time this week, our young local Red-Tail literally whacked the owl
with his feet before flying off to the top of a nearby cedar. No more than
20 minutes later, a stunning female Harrier came and swooped within inches
of the owl (biggest "wish I had a camera" moment of the season thus far).
Later around 2 PM, a male Kestrel took a dive at Ozzy after eating a
praying mantis ontop of one of the cedars. Then just about when I thought I
was done for the day, around 6:15 I look up and see a Merlin taking shots
at the owl which it did several times before heading East. Goes to show
that sometimes lack in hawk quantity is more than made up for in hawk
entertainment thanks to Ozzy.

Tomorrow might actually be a good day for hawkwatching with winds expected
to stay in the NE and no rain predicted. If you like Sharpies you'll
probably get them tomorrow. Just a heads up as well that this Sunday at 1
PM our naturalist Sean Graesser will be giving an Advanced Hawk ID lecture
in Kiernan Hall at Audubon Greenwich. If you want to learn more about aging
and sexing raptors using Feather Molt and size then we'd highly recommend
this talk.

Quaker Ridge Hawk Watch, October 1st 2014

Osprey: 4
Northern Harrier: 1
Sharp-Shinned Hawk: 11
American Kestrel: 6
Merlin: 1
Peregrine Falcon: 2
Unidentified: 1

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