[CT Birds] Raccoons and skunks

minor.craig minor.craig at sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 4 12:13:38 EDT 2014

Well I had to move my feeders , the neighbors were not big on the skunks and raccoons coming around to eat at night . I told everyone has to eat , they never bothered anyone in fact I used to sit on the porch at night less than five feet from them and watch them eat . So I moved the feeders farther out back had to trim the Trees so I can still see the birds and the racoon can't grab the feeders at night . Which leads me to the coat hanger trick I just straightened out a coat hanger put a hook bend in both ends and made sure there were no branches heavy enough to support a racoon weight close to the feeders end of feeder problem . I still dump some on the ground for them . Hope this helps others . Craig vernon 

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