[CT Birds] Pomfret Yard, Mystery Warbler

Robert Bitondi rjbitondi at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 19:55:51 EDT 2014

Many thanks to everyone who weighed in on the ID of this bird.
Several people say Pine Warbler (thanks to Dave Provencher for a
detailed analysis) but there are some interesting arguments for
Blackpoll, Magnolia, and Bay-Breasted.  I added a few more photos even
though I fear they may not add much info.  Light in the spot where the
bird appeared is a bit odd in the afternoon since the spot can be
strongly backlit with some fill light bouncing off my light gray
house; at the time the backlighting was minimal though.  In my mind's
eye the bird was grayer and lighter overall than the photos seem to
show, especially when some immature Yellow Rumps were near it.  I
wouldn't have bothered to photograph it if not for this difference
(since I was on the phone to Florida at the time and had to put the
caller on hold!).

Again, thanks for all your comments and feel free to send more
thoughts off list.


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