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Mon Oct 13 05:25:35 EDT 2014

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I posted the morning flight numbers from Bluff Point without referencing town and other details, which I assumed I could get away without including for this site. Given the multiple emails since I was obviously wrong, so here they are. 

Bluff point is a state park in Groton.  It is one of the 2-3 premier locations for fall passerine migration in the state. Like most places details on exact location can easily be found by simply googling the site name. 

To see the really big numbers you need to get there at dawn and stand near the railroad tracks immediately east of the place where the entry road goes under the tracks. Also it is only good on days when lots of birds are moving and the winds are just right, typically one wants either a north or northwest wind. If the wind is not in the north you are unlikely to see anything. 

Most of the birds are simply flying by - many overhead early in the fall when warblers dominate, most low through the bushes later on when sparrows come through. Yesterday was good but not great - when it is really hopping there can be 1000-10000s of birds in the couple of hours post-dawn. After the flight slows down - usually between 8 and 9, it is usually worth a walk through the woods near the hot corner. There is a nice loop trails that takes an hour or so to bird. 

For more information check the ctbird archive as details have been laid out numerous times over the years. Dave Provencher also wrote a nice overview of the site, which I think is on the CTbirds web site. 

Chris Elphick
Storrs, CT

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