[CT Birds] Hamden Eagles Tuesday 10/14/2014/6:20 PM

Mike Horn mfhorn at att.net
Tue Oct 14 20:41:03 EDT 2014

Hi All. No Pix tonight. This is a mental snapshot at about 6:20 PM on
Tuesday 10/14/2014 at the State St Hamden roost. One each Adult Male and
Female pair (Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip), a new unbanded Adult,
the fourth year bird that's been around for roughly 2 weeks, the second year
chick (Princess Anne), this year's twins (William and Kate) and a really odd
looking third year bird we call Cocoa because of the way the feathers look.
This is a total of 8 Eagles - 3 adults and 5 immatures. There may have been
at least one more immature but I wasn't able to see it at the same time with
the others so I didn't count it. All the immatures feathers are starting to
change. Regards to all, Mike Horn


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