[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point Park GOLDEN EAGLE

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 19 21:47:24 EDT 2014

An immature Golden Eagle seen E to W over the Park by many observers was the highlight of the day which included 1159 raptors of 13 species.  Totals included 20 late Osprey, 16 late Broad-wings, 25 Bald Eagles and a respectable 24 Northern Harriers.  Full details are posted on HawkCount.  


There was a massive morning flight of birds, that went uncounted, as the hawks were already flying at dawn.  The finch flight was impressive (Pine Siskin in the low thousands, perhaps slightly fewer Purple Finch).  Siskins continued to move (albeit in smaller flocks) into the late afternoon!.  Just a very few of the sightings included 400 Tree Swallow, 2 RT Loons, 6-8 NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW, 1 CHIMNEY SWIFT, 400+ Canada Goose, 80 Brant, 20 Black Duck, 1 Com Raven, 600+ RW Blackbird, 10+ Rusty Blackbird, 20+ YR Warbler, 6 Snowy Egret, 3 Gr Egret, 8+ Am Pipit, and many others. 

An excellent afternoon falcon and Harrier show and 5-6 Merlins remained in the Park at dusk.  

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