[CT Birds] How to attract birds to your yard – Naturally – WOW!

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Tue Oct 21 10:10:35 EDT 2014

How to attract birds to your yard –
Naturally – WOW!

Years ago, I wanted to have an area of
my yard that would stay wild and also have plants that would attract
birds. Just behind a rock wall in the back where my pond is I let the
wild come in and it sure did. 
This morning at 9:00am was the best
example of attracting birds yet! My planted New England Asters plus
the 15 foot Wild Lettuces plants attracted 25 Goldfinch and 15 Pine
Siskin. The wild Poke Berry and Grape plants had 12 Bluebirds, 3
Robin and 2 Hermit Thrush eating the plump berries. On the unraked
lawn -birds feel safer there – I counted 60 plus Chipping Sparrow
with only 3 Adults and 1 Clay colored Sparrow as a wonderful
surprise. Also by the stone wall in the grass were 20 plus Junco and
7 White T Sparrow. Interesting, they were both in separate groups. At
the feeder where the usual locals plus 6 Purple Finch. Though our
feeders do attract birds to our yards, I feel augmenting them with
safe, welcome Natural habitat is the best way to do it. Today it
payed me back big time!

Paul Carrier - Harwinton 

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