[CT Birds] Hamden Eagles at Play

Mike Horn mfhorn at att.net
Tue Oct 21 19:08:38 EDT 2014

Hi All. First the 6:10 PM snap shot of the State St, Hamden Eagles: The
mated pair of adults (Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip), last year's
fledge (Princess Anne) and the twins from this year (Will and Kate) were all
sitting in plain sight together right next to each other with two new first
year birds sitting next to each other in back in the sentry tree. This is a
total of seven. Princess Anne and one of the twins decided to get into a
shoving match which lasted for almost a minute. Anne - the second year bird
- finally got shoved off by one of the twins. Two or three minutes later
Anne came back and landed on a branch just in back of the family out of
reach of the twin that shoved her off. Mother bird - a few minutes after
that - landed on the branch next to the winner and shoved it off. This all
looked like really rough play - anthropomorphizing. Regards to all, Mike

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