[CT Birds] Broad Brook and Ellington

Paul Desjardins paul.desjardins2 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 16:40:09 EDT 2014

This afternoon at Mill Pond 4 Cackling Geese in with a good number of Canadas. There was also what I believe to be a cross between Canada and Greater White Fronted Goose. I first noticed it as it was swimming away from me. It was about the size of a Canada but the back of the head was tan. It’s back and wings resembled a Canada. But when it perched on a downed tree I was able to see that the legs were orange. Also, it was blackish in front of the eye and tan behind it. It had a white front shield over the bill and the bill itself was a combination of a dark and pale color. I hope it sticks around so someone can photograph it! In Ellington there were 2 flyover Rusty Blackbirds seen from Green Road.

Paul Desjardins
Windsor Locks

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