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Birders should also keep in mind also the possibility of hybrid or aberrant plumaged kingbirds, and thus, photos are extremely important.  As Julian states, we are due for a vagrant kingbird.  These birds have shown up quite late in the fall season.  I believe both the Tropical and the Gray Kingbird records are from late October and well into November.  

Jay Kaplan, ARCC Chair




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Nope, this is not a new species. With the appearance of a Western Kingbird in 
Bridgeport, and as a member of the state rarities committee, it might be worth 
an annual reminder to all of us at this time of year. Any "yellow-bellied" 
kingbird should be studied carefully and other, rarer species should be 
considered; Tropical, Couch's and Cassin's have all been recorded in New 
England, and Tropical has already occurred previously in the state. We are due 
for a rare kingbird..any Western Kingbird that doesn't appear to have the white 
outer edges to the tail should be eyed suspiciously. Photos are always good too!

Good Birding!

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