[CT Birds] completely non-bird question

Don Crockett doncrockett63 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 26 19:11:20 EDT 2014

I've never seen a Red Squirrel in New Britain in 40 years of nature viewing
but I would only have looked at A.W. and Stanley Quarter. I'm trying to
think where I've seen them in CT? They prefer pine forests. Probably
getting distribution of conifer forest would give a good start to locating

On the topic of squirrels I found a Northern Flying Squirrel on Hartford
Rd. next to A.W. Stanley Park last week:


Was still alive but not too lively. I put it up on the grass shoulder
beyond the curb it was next to and it was gone the next morning. Does
anyone know of flying squirrel distribution/status in the state? I see it
is listed as Very Important in the draft of the CT DEEP Wildlife Action

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