[CT Birds] Steady Day at Lighthouse - 402 Raptors

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 26 19:39:25 EDT 2014

Northwesterly winds were 12 mph with frequent and often sustained gusts to 25 mph. 

402 hawks, including Bk Vulture  2, Turkey Vulture  8,  late Osprey 7, Bald Eagle  9, No Harrier 10, Sharp-shinned 230, Cooper's Hawk 50, Red-shouldered 3, Red-tailed 3, Am Kestrel 37, Merlin 10, Peregrine 6.  Also a few other Eagles, Coopers, Red-tails, Merlins and Peregrines, off to the East, in the Park, or whom otherwise didn't seem to migrate.

'Speaking of migrating, dawn came with fairly calm winds and only a few birds moving. By 730 the finches started moving. And moving. And small flocks continued late into the afternoon.  Counts were made only intermittently and the following are significant underestimates:

Pine Siskin 1500+; Purple Finch 1630, Unid. Finch 1200+, House Finch 370; House Sparrow 20; Am Pipit 30; YR Warbler 10,; BC Chickadee 20; Cedar 
Waxwing 730; RW Blackbird 1000; BH Cowbird 800; Com Grackle 110; Eastern Bluebird 270; Am Robin 900+; Blue Jay 150+

Thanks to all the observers who stopped in to help!

Steve Mayo

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