[CT Birds] LHPP for Monday 2014-10-27

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Mon Oct 27 18:13:57 EDT 2014

Today was another very nice , relatively slow day at the Point. The Early morning flight was quick to develop; American Robins were flying at Daybreak, 6:40 AM. Totals for the Robins were 7,000.
Red-Wing Blackbirds were just about 9,500, and the Grackles finally started moving, with 12,000 leaving the building this morning. Purple Finches, House Finches, Pine siskins were all in abundance. Many Pipits landed right on the grass in front of us. A total of 53 species were counted for the day.

Today's total of 256 Raptors consisted of the following:

Turkey Vultures... 15
Osprey... 1
Bald Eagle... 10
Northern Harrier... 17..  of which 5 were "GRAY GHOSTS"
Sharp-Shinned Hawk... 136
Cooper's Hawk ... 41
NORTHERN GOSHAWK ... 1  Great Full-Frame photos obtained by Don Morgan
Red-Tailed Hawk ... 7
American Kestrel ... 15
Merlin... 10

Thanks to the following people who helped dig the Birds out from another Blue Sky, devoid of clouds:
Paul DesJardin, Don Morgan, Sol Satin, Arne Rosengren, Louisa Cunningham, Ed Sadowski, 
Sara Zagorski, Howie Sternberg, Woodie FitzGerald, Patrice. It takes lots of EYEs to count these birds.

Bill Banks

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