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Hi Nick et al.,
Yes it seems very late to me, but I had full frontal and profile looks at  
relatively short range (perhaps 30 feet) and there was no trace of even 
light  brown on the backs.  Also the posture was definitely that of the Piping  
Plovers rather than Semi-palms.  I have seen Pipings on the rocks at Sandy  
Point and Napa Tree among other places, generally not for long periods of 
time.  These birds came and flew from the ledge (extending out into the water) 
within  the space of a couple minutes.  
I have no photographic evidence and I am not pressing for any "official"  
recognition.  I will simply let people make up their own minds.
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Hi Tom,
Piping Plovers are quite rare in CT in late October. A count of five  at 
this time of year is exceptional. Also, they generally shun rocks in favor  of 
sand and mudflat. A description of the birds (and how Semipalmated  Plover 
was eliminated) is probably warranted here.
Nick Bonomo
Wallingford, CT
_www.shorebirder.com_ (http://www.shorebirder.com/) 

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>From  Tom Holloway

Sachem's Head - 9:00 am.  5 Piping Plovers on  rocks, then flew  away.  At
least two had belts, but definitely  not Semi-Palms.  No sign  of Royal 
or any  terns.
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