[CT Birds] Our State should be ashamed of itself!!!

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Fri Oct 31 11:38:04 EDT 2014

Once again I am disgusted at the State
of Connecticut's hunting rules and limits on the season for Ruffed
Grouse. Do they even LOOK at the statistics for the prey species that
they allow to be taken? !!!

For the year 2014, from October 18 to November 29, the Ruffed Grouse
open season allows each hunter to bag 8, yes Eight – Ruffed 
Grouse!!!!!  That is 8 Ruffed Grouse that would be taken (BY EACH
HUNTER)!  that have NO chance of helping to re establish this
vanishing bird from our State! Case in point...

During this
Summer's Bird Count here in CT for the year 2014 compiled by  the
Connecticut Ornithological Association, the number of Ruffed Grouse
counted was – ONE !!!! Yes ONE GROUSE was counted out of 251
observers in 146 parties searching for 1,409 HOURS! Do you (or the
State of CONNECTICUT) think the Ruffed Grouse might possibly be a
species in TROUBLE? When I asked the State about this, saying “ Can
the State take the Ruffed Grouse off the hunting list till they come
back to a healthy and stable population?” Their answer was “ Well
the hawks take their share as well, why can't we? UN BELIEVABLE!
Please call, write or e mail the State and make your opinion count to
try and help bring back this vanishing birds chances to once again
populate our State in healthy numbers. Hunters should only cull from
a species with a healthy population. I don't think that's the case
with Ruffed Grouse here in CT. 

GROUSE counted from 251 PEOPLE SEARCHING FOR 1,409 HOURS! Our State's
wildlife department should be ashamed of itself !

Paul Carrier -

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