[CT Birds] Our State should be ashamed of itself!!!

Shaun Martin birdj510 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 11:55:09 EDT 2014

There are many more factors contributing to the decline of Grouse aside
from hunting. The State does not randomly assign a harvest number without
sound science looking at the number of birds which can be sustainably
taken. Hunters have a right and a privilege to go for Grouse, and I am sure
once the State decides its time for a bag limit change, they will implement
it. There are far larger variables at play leading to the limited sightings
you are mentioning. I would even go as far as saying no hunting at all
would have minimal impact on sightings overall.

Shaun Martin
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> Once again I am disgusted at the State
> of Connecticut's hunting rules and limits on the season for Ruffed
> Grouse. Do they even LOOK at the statistics for the prey species that
> they allow to be taken? !!!
> For the year 2014, from October 18 to November 29, the Ruffed Grouse
> open season allows each hunter to bag 8, yes Eight – Ruffed
> Grouse!!!!!  That is 8 Ruffed Grouse that would be taken (BY EACH
> HUNTER)!  that have NO chance of helping to re establish this
> vanishing bird from our State! Case in point...
> During this
> Summer's Bird Count here in CT for the year 2014 compiled by  the
> Connecticut Ornithological Association, the number of Ruffed Grouse
> counted was – ONE !!!! Yes ONE GROUSE was counted out of 251
> observers in 146 parties searching for 1,409 HOURS! Do you (or the
> State of CONNECTICUT) think the Ruffed Grouse might possibly be a
> species in TROUBLE? When I asked the State about this, saying “ Can
> the State take the Ruffed Grouse off the hunting list till they come
> back to a healthy and stable population?” Their answer was “ Well
> the hawks take their share as well, why can't we? UN BELIEVABLE!
> Please call, write or e mail the State and make your opinion count to
> try and help bring back this vanishing birds chances to once again
> populate our State in healthy numbers. Hunters should only cull from
> a species with a healthy population. I don't think that's the case
> with Ruffed Grouse here in CT.
> GROUSE counted from 251 PEOPLE SEARCHING FOR 1,409 HOURS! Our State's
> wildlife department should be ashamed of itself !
> Paul Carrier -
> Harwinton
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