[CT Birds] Thanks for your interest on Grouse in CT

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Fri Oct 31 22:01:17 EDT 2014

Well thanks all for your comments and interest about our Ruffed Grouse here in CT. May I say a bit more here about this subject that i believe is important as well. Yes - they are a hurting species for Many Reasons - lack of habitat is a big one for sure, but in some areas here in CT, the Grouse are holding their own because the habitat is getting better for them. Case in point. Some areas in West Hartland, where I bird a lot, the Grouse are there and i see one there occasionally. BUT, This area of the State has much land there as well, and yes, it is hunted heavily with Grouse hunters as well. This should not be! I've encountered several hunters in the past 2 years with Grouse in their hands having just shot them on State property. If and when suitable habitat does come, how many Grouse will be around to occupy them? And - I am SO SO against introducing birds from elsewhere to get them started again. I believe the indigenous Grouse from our State CAN -
 if left to be -  be the ones to occupy these new habitats successfully, but not when they have such heavy hunting pressures in place to kill as many birds as 8 - EIGHT - in one season! And Yes - hunters have the right to hunt, and Im not against hunting or hunters, but I am against the hunting of species that are NOT in healthy numbers! Like the Ruffed Grouse! Doesn't this make sense? 
Deer have a very healthy population here in CT, so much so we even need some culling to keep their number from becoming to destructive to us and their own good as well. But please leave our hurting population of Grouse alone as far as hunting goes. Seems so simple a fact to me, so why is it not to our State? 
November 4th - any suggestions on who to vote for? ................Paul Carrier    

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