[CT Birds] Grouse in CT - promise my last word...

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Sat Nov 1 20:45:33 EDT 2014

Donna Rose sent me an interesting bit on Grouse in CT. see below - Thanks Donna. 

 I will read this and I do believe the State is doing research on Grouse. But - Now-while they are scarce and even depleted in many areas, habitat is crucial, but first let's SAVE the birds we now have so they can occupy the new habitat the State is making! It's all about getting a healthy population started once again, not destroying the few birds we now have that are left. I say to the - State of Connecticut . . . 

 Keep making new habitat, that is a good thing. but FIRST - stop hunting the few Grouse that we have left so when the habitat is there, they can colonies it and become a healthy population once more! Why is this just so hard for the State to accept? A few Grouse hunters might cry for awhile, but by doing so, in the future they might even be able to find 8 Grouse a season to shoot! Let's benefit the hunters, the bird watchers and the State in making this a priority, and we then can all be happy once again, especially the Grouse!  

ps - and to help with research for the State. Ruffed Grouse are doing poorly in your State! Ask anyone. Yes-in a few areas they might be doing fair. I would agree with some Hartland areas, but they are few or gone all together in many more historical areas where they once were present in good numbers. There, now you don't need more research while the population is so poor and dwindeling - it is poor! Please cut the hunting of Grouse till their numbers are healthy once again. 

Paul Carrier 



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