[CT Birds] 44 Wood Ducks at A.W. yesterday morning (w/photos)!

Don Crockett doncrockett63 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 06:05:45 EST 2014

I've been seeing increasing numbers of Wood Ducks on A.W. Stanley Park's
lower pond over the last few weeks.

They don't nest in the park (any longer, they did 40 years ago when I first
started birding) but we had 2 females starting in July that worked up to 7
or 8 mixed in late August. A couple weeks ago I counted 18 which is more
than I've ever seen before at A.W. and that number had creeped up on some
mornings to 22-24 ducks last week.

I had 6 on Sunday morning but saw better numbers at ducsk but kept my
distance so I didn't scare them off.

Yesterday morning I did my usual quiet walk out onto the floating dock on
the east side of the pond and 6 flew off immediately but then groups of 10+
started flying off to the south. (They congregate along the edge in the
northeast corner where there is understory cover over the edge of the pond
and a good supply of acorns.)

Luckily the small groups all flocked together and flew up high and off to
the north so I was able to get a couple decent photos after fumbling to
crank the ISO down for the direct sunlit ducks and sky instead of the unlit

A couple photos show 44 Wood Ducks! Amazing!

Here a Facebook album with one photo with the 44 ducks and a couple of 10+
groups flying low over the pond on takeoff. Non-Facebookers should be able
to access them but let me know if you can't and I'll post them to my
website or email you them directly:


I had 100+ juncos on Sunday morning and a Black Bear on Sunday just before

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