[CT Birds] Red tail hawk

Kevin kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Tue Nov 4 13:52:43 EST 2014

>From kevindoyle01 at charter.net

Yesterday roughly 8:30 am we feed the crows with left over chicken and the like...

Crow's eating chicken ... red tail appears out of nowhere ... grabs the crow before it knew what hit it ... red tail apparently can't completely lift the crow. Drops crow then crows off supposedly unhurt. No more crow's this day ... hawk ate in peace.

Had nesting pair in back yard and both were taking leftovers like nobodies business. Easy picking I guess.

Are crows to big and heavy for the hawk I know they like doves and I have plenty of them. Had several juncos (spelled right?) The other day. Pretty sure males and possibly one female ... none since.

I realize hawk and crow isn't pretty but the hawk needs to eat also.FYI ... 1st time I've seen this action.

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