[CT Birds] Quaker Ridge 11/4: 137 Raptors inc 61 Red Shoulders, late Broad-Wing

Ryan MacLean ryanmac335 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 20:22:38 EST 2014

Despite the light Southerly winds, we were treated to a nice morning flight of Red Shoulders including a kettle of 18 Shoulders, 3 Red Tails and a Sharp Shin. Another surprise was a super late Juvenile Broad-Winged Hawk, which is the second we've had in the last few days. Unfortunately the flight died off pretty quickly by early afternoon despite hopes for another late day Vulture push.

November 4 2014
Turkey Vulture: 12
Northern Harrier: 1
Sharp-Shinned Hawk: 17
Cooper's Hawk: 12
Red-Shouldered Hawk: 61
Broad-Winged Hawk: 1
Red-Tailed Hawk: 24
American Kestrel: 2
Unidentified: 7
TOTAL: 137

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