[CT Birds] Lark Sparrow but No Yellow-Headed Blackbird, 11/7

mresch8702 at aol.com mresch8702 at aol.com
Fri Nov 7 17:56:59 EST 2014

I arrived at Hammonasset minutes after Chuck Imbergamo re-found the Lark Sparrow this morning.  It took us about 30 minutes to find it again, but it gave great views at about 11:30.  A Palm Warbler was in the area, and a flyover flock of Pine Siskins and a couple flyover Purple Finches were nice too.

Then headed up to Lyman Orchards in Middlefield to try for the Yellow-headed Blackbird found by Nick Bonomo yesterday.  I quickly found a large flock of blackbirds just west of the Apple Barrel Store especially in the cornfield at the south side of the 147/157 intersection.  I guessed 3,000 birds, but that was a wild guess. Nick arrived soon after I got there, and we spent 3 hours looking through them without success.  I did see one grackle with a white head, one with an all-white tail, and one with a white tail with black outer tail feathers.  But none with a yellow head.  At one point a Cooper's Hawk took a grackle and brought it to the ground right on the double yellow stripe in the middle of Route 157 about 15 feet from me.  It actually stopped traffic until it flew off.

The Lark Sparrow was a new CT statebird for me - #315 in CT and #1,988 for me in New England.  Just 12 more to go to reach my goal of 2,000.

Mike Resch
Pepperell, MA

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