[CT Birds] Cattle egret + more

David Zomick birdave9 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 14:24:47 EST 2014

Cattle egret Cassidy road,Southbury   seen 12:10PM on telephone wires near cow feeding pen/orange colored enclosure & again alongside cows in meadow  across the road Southbury Training  School  Farms 
Also # 3 imm white-crowned sparrows,yb sapsucker 
At Bent of River  purple finches at feeders

House finch( at my Bristol home)    with leucystic Cephaly 
Per Sibley : "This is probably the most commonly seen plumage abnormality in wild birds. This mutation is extremely variable in appearance, as birds can have just a few white feathers scattered on any part of the body, or whole sections of the body white, or the entire body white (fully leucistic . The white feathers are often grouped in feather tracts, so that most of the head is white (as shown here), or some of the wing coverts are white, or most of the tail, etc.

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