[CT Birds] Ruby-throated Hummingbird

lpflynn at optonline.net lpflynn at optonline.net
Wed Nov 12 19:20:00 EST 2014

Still in our Norwalk CT yard feeding in the pineapple sage, it has never once used any of the sugar water feeders over the past three days,
at least not when I've been able to watch. 
Another note, while watching this bird today from 6-7 feet away, it chased one of the hundreds of honey bees, and picked it off mid air, I thought it consumed the bee right there on the spot, then in a fraction of a second it turned on another bee and missed.
I did some research and found a article, where Biologist dissected a RTHU and found over fifty species of insect in it's stomach, of which one was a wasp species. 
Do these little guy's actually eat small bee's, or am I mistaken, still I saw what I saw.

Here's a few pix from today.

Larry Flynn
Norwalk, CT

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