[CT Birds] A Day with the Lyman Orchard Blackbirds, 11/12

mresch8702 at aol.com mresch8702 at aol.com
Wed Nov 12 20:08:11 EST 2014

Spent 4 1/2 more hours with the blackbirds at Lyman Orchards today with no luck with the Yellow-headed(s).  I arrived at 8:30, and was joined by 1-3 other birders through 1:00.  We guessed that the flock could be up to 5,000 blackbirds.  During that time I saw one grackle with an all white tail 4 times, and saw another grackle with one white primary in the right wing 3 times.  If I picked out these unique birds that many times, you'd sure think I would have at least gotten at least a glimpse of one with a yellow-head if it had been there.  Though I didn't see the one with the white head that I saw there last week.

Fly over Pipits were nice - a flock of about 30, another flock of 6, and a single bird.  

Mike Resch
Pepperell, MA

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