[CT Birds] Coventry Lake Birds, 11-13-14; Feeder feeding frenzy, trouble ahead?

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Thu Nov 13 16:51:56 EST 2014

A quick look at the northwest end of Coventry Lake today  produced:
48 Ruddy Ducks
10 Buffleheads
3 AMERICAN COOT, seen here before but not  reliably
8 Mallards
16 Canada Geese.
As others have noted, there has been a feeding frenzy of sorts  going on at 
my feeders for two months or so now. I have roughly the same numbers  of 
the same birds as previous years but they are not behaving normally. Birds  
that hardly ever looked at suet feeders are fighting with Red-bellied and 
Downy  Woodpeckers, and House Sparrows (grrrrrr) are hogging the feeding ports 
on my  nyjer (thistle) feeders. I've never seen the HOSPs do that before.  I 
have  2 platform feeders for mixed seed, and on one I dump a gallon jug of 
seed to  fill it up. That used to last 3 or 4 days. Now it's gone in a day 
and a half. 
This suggests to me that although we had a great summer for the  breeding 
birds and presumably a good year for plants - no real dry  spells or very hot 
weather, perhaps some of the plants that the  birds normally rely on in 
fall and winter did not do well and go to seed as  usual. 
I do know that in my area, at least, for the third  year in a row the oaks 
had no acorns and the hickories produced almost no nuts,  but those provide 
food for only a few birds and not ones that normally frequent  feeders. 
Don Morgan, Coventry, Ct  
mntncougar at aol.com

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